If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your ears, whether your concern is the size, shape or position, or a regret about former piercing choices, ear surgery in Salt Lake City at 22 Plastic Surgery can help resolve any issues, including ear trauma or birth defects.

What is ear surgery?

Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, is addresses issues with the ears, including the following concerns:

  • Ears that stick out from the head (this surgery is also called ear pinning)
  • Misshapen ears or earlobes (from a natural defect or injury)
  • Ears that are too large or small
  • Improperly positioned ears
  • Folded ear tip (also called lop ear)
  • Unwanted piercings or gauges
  • Long, prominent earlobes
  • Ear trauma, including serious trauma such as losing an ear
  • Torn, stretched, or split earlobes

As the end goal is to take attention away from the ears and achieve an overall aesthetic facial appearance, ear surgery must be performed by a precision specialist with significant experience in reshaping or re-sizing the ears, positioning ears perfectly, and addressing ear trauma.

What are the benefits of ear surgery?

Because the ears are hard to hide, if you’re unhappy with the way they look, it can cause embarrassment or a lack of confidence. For children, prominent or misshapen ears can make the child a target of bullies. Ear surgery resolves these concerns. Additional benefits include the following:

  • Creates a proportionate facial appearance
  • Enlarges small ears
  • Resolves congenital defects or ear trauma
  • Repairs ear trauma
  • Permanent results
  • A safe procedure
  • Typically has a short recovery period
  • Attaches detached lobes you would like attached, or detaches lobes you would like attached
  • Can be used to reverse piercings and restore the earlobe

Am I a candidate for ear surgery?

Men, women and children who would like to improve the appearance of their ears or earlobes are likely candidates for ear surgery. Ideal candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • Are in good general health
  • Do not smoke
  • The ears are fully formed (usually occurs by age five)
  • Have realistic expectations about the procedures and results
  • Do not have a history of severe scarring or previous complications with scarring

What happens during ear surgery?

You will begin with a thorough consultation with Dr. Reuben to discuss your concerns and determine a proper surgical plan to help you achieve your goals.

Ear surgery typically takes about two hours, and is usually performed under local anesthesia, depending on your surgical requirements and age. During most ear surgeries, the incisions are made on the back of the ears or in the inner creases of the ears.

The surgical technique varies based on what is required to resolve your ear concerns. This may range from ear repositioning or earlobe repair, to reconstructing parts of your ear.

To correct prominent or too-large ears, a small piece of cartilage is removed to allow the ears to lie flatter against the head, or cartilage is trimmed down to make the ears smaller.

To rebuild the ear or make it larger, the procedure is more involved and extensive. In these cases, ear augmentation is performed, which often includes using an implant or a part of the rib cartilage.

What is recovery like after ear surgery?

Once your surgery is complete, your ears will be covered in bandages for a few days. These bandages provide support and protection during your healing process. Pain or itchiness is typically mild and can be treated with over-the-counter pain medications. Bruising and swelling will last for about three days, and begin to subside on the fourth or fifth day after surgery. Avoid pressure or contact with the ears, and sleep on your back during this time.

Many patients are comfortable returning to work or school after about a week. If the procedure was more minimal, the recovery period may be less.

Why choose 22 Plastic Surgery for ear surgery?

As a board certified, experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Brian Reuben provides significant expertise, thoughtful care, and stunning outcomes for his many patients. He is known for his attention to aesthetic detail and his precise, expert hand with delicate surgical procedures. With an extensive training background in medicine, plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as microsurgery, he puts his patients at the forefront of his focus and attention, ensuring they are comfortable with their surgical plan, fully understand what to expect, and are happy with their results. Call today for a consultation about your ear surgery in Salt Lake City.

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