Our Mission Statement

22 is the number of beauty and mastery.

Some believe numbers are the secret language of creation and powerful symbols of the nature of everything we experience. And one of the most powerful number symbols is 22.

2 is the number of beauty. It is seen as the most feminine, graceful, and elegant number.

22 is a master number. It is the number of mastery and symbolizes the ability to turn dreams into reality. It is the number of the ‘master builder’ who is stable, compassionate, selfless and wise and creates beauty with precision and expertise.

We chose 22 to be our name because it perfectly symbolizes our own commitment to mastery and our passion for bringing out the beauty of you.

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Our commitment to mastery.

Mastery matters to us because of our commitment to excellence in aesthetic care. Our commitment is the reason we invested in decades of extensive medical and surgical training and studied under leading experts in the art and science of transforming the human body.

Our passion for beauty.

We are passionate about bringing out the beauty of you. Your beauty is unique and the result of your feeling and looking like the best version of yourself. And we know that beauty is more than skin deep. That’s why we go ‘beyond beauty’ to treat you to a standard of care unmatched in our industry.

The Beyond Beauty Standard

We are on a mission to continually raise the standard with excellence in patient care.  Our vision is the result of our Board Certified plastic surgeons' training and practice at world class hospitals where patient care is continually evaluated and elevated. We feel this same standard of care should be required for patients seeking cosmetic procedures.

We care deeply about our patients. There is a new epidemic in the cosmetic surgery industry with physicians and practitioners practicing medicine outside of their training.  We strive to be the center of excellence where patients can rest assured that their care is of the highest integrity and ethics.

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Our Beyond Beauty Standard means we:

  1. Invest in raising patient awareness of the importance of working with actual surgeons and doctors with credible training when receiving aesthetic treatments.
  2. Raise the bar of our industry by applying the rigor and standard required in traditional medicine to the area of aesthetics in order to dramatically improve the patient experience and outcomes.

You can trust your beauty is in good hands at 22 PLASTIC SURGERY because we are trained to the level of mastery and share a passion for making your beautiful dreams a reality.

To learn more about how to choose the highest-quality Plastic Surgeon, download our free checklist “How to go beyond beauty and choose the perfect surgeon for you" today.

Our Locations

22 Plastic Surgery
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UT 84121
Call Us: (801) 937-9650
Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

22 Spa MD
6686 Highland Drive Ste 100
Cottonwood Heights,
UT 84121
Call Us: (801) 806-0222
Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


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