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For some women, the breasts convey an important sense of femininity. For others, breast enhancement helps create a more proportionate overall body shape. Always remember to be honest with yourself about why you are interested in breast augmentation. Our team serves patients from Draper, Murray, Cottonwood Heights, and all around Salt Lake City. Breast augmentation is something we’re very familiar with and produce excellent results. Are you ready to see how you can increase the size and improve the shape of your breasts?

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What To Consider Before A Breast Augmentation

To give you the most attractive and natural-looking results, we will customize your procedure to features of your unique anatomy such as your height, weight, and the width of your chest. He will thoroughly review your choices for the following options:

  • Breast implants can be filled with saline or cohesive silicone gel. We offer a variety of breast implant shapes, sizes, profiles, and widths to provide truly personalized results.
  • Incision placement is either along the edge of the areola (periareolar incision) or along the fold underneath the breast (inframammary incision).
  • Implant placement is either above or beneath the chest (pectoralis) muscles.

The 22 Plastic Surgery Difference

Our team performs breast augmentation or breast implants in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas, in an accredited hospital or surgical facility as an outpatient procedure. We begin the breast augmentation procedure by making each incision through which we create a space for the implant. Once we have placed the implants and achieved the desired breast size and shape, we will close the incisions with sutures and apply surgical tape.

Combining Breast Augmentation With Other Procedures

We may combine breast enlargement with a breast lift if you have sagging that also needs correction. After pregnancy and breastfeeding, many women choose breast augmentation along with a tummy tuckliposuctionlabiaplasty or a combination of procedures.

What to Expect After Your Breast Augmentation

After the completion of your breast augmentation at Salt Lake City’s 22 Plastic Surgery, your chest will be bandaged and wrapped with a compression garment to help your breasts keep their new shape. While experiences vary, patients should expect to take about 1 week off from work. Typically, women return to normal, everyday activities after this time, but they are advised to refrain from heavy lifting or rigorous exercise for a few weeks.

Please be advised that breast implants are not lifetime devices and may need to be replaced in the future.

Augmentation Mastopexy (Breast Lift with Augmentation)

Mastopexy (breast lift) with breast augmentation is a combination procedure that lifts sagging breasts while increasing their size and enhancing their shape. Aging, pregnancy, weight loss and gravity can all cause breasts to sag. When sagging cannot be corrected by implants alone, augmentation mastopexy may be recommended. During mastopexy alone, excess skin is trimmed away, supporting tissue is tightened, the breasts are “lifted” to sit higher on the chest, and the nipple and areola are repositioned or resized. By adding augmentation with implants to the procedure, the breasts can also be made larger and firmer.

Candidates for Augmentation Mastopexy

Good candidates for augmentation mastopexy have sagging breasts that have lost fullness at the top. Candidates must be in good overall health, maintain a stable weight, and have realistic expectations about what augmentation mastopexy can do. A woman who chooses to undergo augmentation mastopexy is unhappy with her breast size, and has one or more of the following:

  • Sagging breasts
  • Breasts that have lost shape or volume
  • Breasts that are flat or elongated
  • Nipples or areolas pointing downward
  • One breast lower than the other

A woman planning to have (more) children should not undergo augmentation mastopexy because pregnancy and nursing can counteract its benefits.

The Breast Lift With Augmentation Procedure

Augmentation mastopexy is performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia, and usually takes 1 to 3 hours. Depending on the degree of sagging, the amount of excess skin, and the size and type of the implants, one of the following types of incisions is often used:

  • Two rings, one larger than the other, around the areola
  • A keyhole shape, around the areola and down to the breast crease
  • An anchor shape, beginning in the breast crease, and extending up to and around the areola

After the incisions are made, excess skin is trimmed to create a tighter, more defined appearance. The nipple and areola are usually moved higher on the breast or resized. Implants made of either saline solution or silicone gel are inserted into the breast beneath the pectoral muscle or mammary gland. Incisions are then closed with stitches; the incisions used for augmentation mastopexy are larger than those for augmentation alone, which requires only an incision in the breast crease, the bottom of the areola or the armpit.

What Is Recovery Like From Augmentation Mastopexy

For a few days following augmentation mastopexy, patients are likely to have bruising, soreness and swelling that may last for several weeks. Breasts are usually wrapped in an elastic bandage or a surgical bra for about a week; a support bra is then worn continuously for a month. Most patients return to work within a week; exercise and other strenuous activity should be avoided until the surgeon believes the patient to be sufficiently healed.

Risks of Augmentation Mastopexy

In addition to the usual risks associated with surgery and anesthesia, risks specific to augmentation mastopexy include the following:

  • Capsular contracture (hardening of scar tissue around implant)
  • Implant leaks and ruptures
  • Implant deflation or shifting
  • Temporary or permanent change in nipple/breast sensation
  • Irregularities in breast contour/shape
  • Asymmetry
  • Partial or total loss of nipple/areola

Will Surgical Scars From Breast Surgery Be Visible?

Depending on the incision type used, augmentation mastopexy can produce visible scars, although, in most cases, scars fade over time, becoming much less apparent.

Are Breast Surgery Results Permanent?

Breast implants are not lifetime devices and may need to be replaced in the future.

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