Surgery After Weight Loss

Recovering Your Body After Massive Weight Loss

It can be disheartening for a person to undergo a massive amount of weight loss only to feel even more uncomfortable with their body afterward. Whether you have bariatric surgery or lose weight naturally, as the weight comes off, you may be left with sagging, stretched-out skin on your arms, chest, legs, and belly that simply doesn’t shrink back into shape. We have worked with many patients who are even more self-conscious.

Cosmetic Surgery for Sagging Skin After Weight Loss

During your consultation with your doctor, we will develop a plan to help you achieve the new look you’ve worked so hard for. From upper and lower body lifts to surgery to remove excess skin and tighten target areas.

Upper and Lower Body Lift

A body lift can help restore the firmness and tightness to the area where you’ve lost weight. Upper body lifts include your midsection, chest, and arms; lower body lifts include the lower abdomen, hips, thighs, and flanks.

Restoring Curves

After massive weight loss, you can end up with sagging breasts and lose volume in your buttocks. A breast lift addresses breasts that have lost volume or have begun to sag and can be combined with a breast augmentation. A buttocks lift is a procedure in which we re-contour the buttocks, tighten excess skin, and lift the tissue in this area.

No matter which post-weight loss procedure is right for you, you deserve to have the body you’ve worked so hard to achieve. These procedures allow us to remove excess skin and tissue in the targeted area, tighten any muscles that need it, and reposition the tissue for a more pleasing appearance.

At 22 Plastic Surgery, we have the highly specialized training to restore a naturally youthful look that lasts. If you want to learn more about our services and how it can help to improve your overall appearance, you can request a consultation online or call our office at (801) 937-9650. Our staff are eager to meet you and help you on your aesthetic journey.


5 Questions to Ask at Your Labiaplasty Consultation

Requesting a labiaplasty consultation at my practices serving Midvale and Salt Lake City, UT, can be an intimidating first step, but there’s no reason to be shy. My job as your surgeon is to support you on your journey to rediscovering confidence in your body. That means answering any questions you may have and facilitating an open and honest conversation about your goals.

Many women aren’t sure where to start or what to ask at this appointment. Here are a few suggestions for questions that will help you feel informed and prepared for your next steps.

How much will my surgery cost?
There shouldn’t be any surprises when it comes to the cost of your surgery. At your consultation, you should receive a personalized quote for your procedure that includes anesthesia fees, facility fees, and any other costs. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with a financial counselor who will be happy to discuss everything you need to know about financing your surgery. Where will my surgery be performed?
Plastic surgeons have the option of performing procedures in various settings, from hospitals to on-site surgical centers. Don’t hesitate to ask about where your surgery will take place and why that location was selected. Check that the facility is accredited and has a strong safety record. What should I expect for recovery?
This is one of the questions I am asked most frequently in consultations, and it’s easy to understand why. With any surgery, you should know upfront how long you can expect to be away from work, the gym, and other daily activities. At your consultation, we’ll discuss recovery timelines along with what you can expect for at-home care and follow-up appointments. Are you board certified?
It’s essential to work with a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, which represents a high level of training and standards of practice. My board certification reflects my dedication to keeping my surgical skills sharp and creating superior results. I’ll be happy to discuss any questions you may have about my qualifications during our initial meeting. Which type of anesthesia will I receive?
Anesthesia is a common source of uncertainty for anyone undergoing a plastic surgery procedure, but discussing it ahead of time can help ease these worries. We can discuss the type of anesthesia I’ll use, your anesthesiologist’s credentials, and any side effects or risks you need to know about. My team and I want to make sure you feel educated and confident about this and every aspect of your procedure.

If you would like to see examples of the results you can expect from a labiaplasty, please visit our before-and-after photo gallery.

Ready to learn more about labiaplasty options in Midvale or Salt Lake City? Please contact us online or call (801) 937-9650.

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation: It’s All About Proportion

Choosing a size for breast augmentation at my practices serving Midvale and Salt Lake City can be challenging for some women. They worry about finding a balance between a noticeable size increase and negative side effects associated with overly large breasts, such as back pain. It’s a common concern, but there’s a simple answer for it: proportion.

In this blog post, I’d like to discuss why proportion is the secret to attractive and sustainable breast augmentation results you can feel comfortable with and confident about for years to come.

Avoiding the Negatives

It’s true that there are negatives associated with larger breasts, including back pain, difficulty exercising, rashes, and trouble finding flattering clothes. It’s also common for a large bust to overwhelm the frame and conceal attractive body contours. However, these issues are typically caused by out-of-balance proportions.

Though it seems counterintuitive, the goals of breast augmentation and breast reduction are mostly the same: to create a size that flatters your figure while allowing you to be physically comfortable. Breast reduction does this by removing volume, while breast augmentation does this by adding volume.

When your surgeon takes your frame and proportions into account when selecting an implant size, you can avoid these size-related complications or concerns. This approach can achieve fullness and volume minus the unwanted side effects.

Finding Your Own Ideal Size

Another idea that it’s important to keep in mind when it comes to proportion is that cup sizes and implant sizes look different on different people. While it’s great to have an idea of the look you’re going for based on inspiration from celebrities, family, and friends, try not to be married to specific measurements. I can create the same effect for you, but the actual sizes may be different because the size and shape of your body may be different.

In addition to physical considerations, your lifestyle needs, such as fitness goals, are just as important to take into account. Making sure your implant size will be sustainable for you and your activity level is key when it comes to lasting satisfaction.

Your Consultation

All of these factors come together at your consultation, where we’ll work together to select an ideal size for your unique proportions and desired results. This involves taking precise measurements and having an in-depth conversation about your long-term goals for your implants.

This conversation sets the stage for a breast augmentation approach that is tailored specifically to you and your body—an approach you can count on for results that flatter your shape without causing discomfort.

To see examples of this approach in action, please visit our breast augmentation before-and-after photo gallery.

If you would like to learn more about breast augmentation at my practices in Midvale and Salt Lake City, please contact us online or call (801) 937-9650.

Tummy Tuck

When Is A Mini Tummy Tuck Worth It?

While tummy tucks offer significant improvements for those with lax midsection skin, many people are intrigued by the mini tummy tuck variation offered at my practices serving Midvale and Salt Lake City. This approach can involve less recovery time and smaller incisions—but that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone.

When is this modified procedure worth it, and when is a full tummy tuck a better approach? This blog post will discuss the differences in these procedures and who may be a strong candidate for each.

How is a mini tummy tuck different than a full tummy tuck?

Full tummy tucks differ from mini tummy tucks in a few key ways.

  • Corrections: A mini tummy tuck only addresses concerns below the bellybutton, whereas a full tummy tuck tightens skin on the entire abdomen.
  • Incisions: Mini tummy tuck incisions are smaller than full tummy tuck incisions, though they’re both located low on the abdomen and can be easily hidden even under bikini bottoms. A full tummy tuck also involves an incision around the belly button, which is not necessary with a mini tummy tuck.
  • Recovery: Mini tummy tuck recovery is typically shorter than full tummy tuck recovery.

Who is a candidate for a mini tummy tuck?

An ideal candidate for a mini tummy tuck is someone whose primary concern is sagging skin or protrusion of the lower abdomen. If you’re happy with the way most of your abdomen looks but are bothered by sagging or a “pooch” below your belly button, this may be a strong option for you.

Ideal candidates should be at or near their ideal weight and in good general health. It’s wise to wait until you’re finished having children, as pregnancy can stretch the skin and alter your long-term results.

Are there other tummy tuck variations?

Yes. For those looking for more corrections than those offered by a full tummy tuck, I perform both extended tummy tucks and belt lipectomies, or lower body lifts.

An extended tummy tuck tightens loose skin on the hips and flanks as well as the abdomen. This procedure is common among people who have experienced major weight loss. The incision extends the traditional tummy tuck incision beyond the hips to the lower back.

A belt lipectomy, or lower body lift, brings the incision 360 degrees around the body, allowing for skin tightening around the entire trunk.

It’s common for people choosing these approaches to combine them with other lifting procedures, such a breast lift or facelift.

How can I decide which procedure is right for me?

The best way to decide is to visit my practice for a consultation. Using my many years of training and experience, I’ll be able to recommend the right approach for you after an in-person exam and thorough discussion about your goals.

To see examples of the results you can expect from various tummy tuck variations, please visit our before-and-after photo gallery.

If you would like to learn more about breast augmentation at my practices in Midvale and Salt Lake City, please contact us online or call (801) 937-9650.