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Doctor Comments on Use of Cosmetic Surgery to Alleviate Bullying

Dr. Brian C. Reuben, a plastic surgery specialist in Salt Lake City, says that although cosmetic surgery may help victims of bullying feel more confident, patients’ individual circumstances determine whether they are good candidates for a procedure.

Salt Lake City, Utah (August 2012) – Dr. Brian C. Reuben says that while bullying is a serious issue affecting children of all ages, cosmetic surgery may be a solution for some of them. He performs plastic surgery in Salt Lake City, but only on patients whom he feels are emotionally and physically ready.

“While plastic surgery could help children whose physical deformities make them victims of bullying, it may not be the right answer for everyone,” Dr. Reuben says. “Bullying is a complex psychological situation, so there may be emotional and behavioral issues involved as well.”

Recent news reports tell of groups, such as the Little Baby Face Foundation, that provide free corrective surgery for eligible children and teens with facial deformities.

“I am an advocate for helping people who may not be able to afford medical care, especially when it comes to children with congenital deformities,” Dr. Reuben says. “While surgery can be an important component in minimizing bullying and boosting self-confidence, I’m glad to hear that many of these organizations also provide counseling for patients, both before and after surgery.”

He points out that regardless of a person’s age or reason for wanting cosmetic surgery, realistic expectations are as important as the surgery itself.

“This is why the consultation process is so important,” Dr. Reuben says. “I strive to create open and comfortable communication, allowing each person who visits me to develop a feeling of trust before we move ahead with surgery. It is through mutual respect and sharing expectations for surgery that patients are able to create realistic goals.”

Highly respected among plastic surgeons in Salt Lake City, Dr. Reuben works with each patient to determine the most effective method of achieving that person’s goals.

He works with a wide variety of patients, customizing procedures such as facelifts, nose surgery and breast augmentation in Salt Lake City to ensure safe, natural-looking results.”

My patients vary in age, sex and degree of cosmetic need, so it’s important that treatments are properly suited to the individual,” Dr. Reuben says.

“It’s great to see how cosmetic surgery can help people look and feel their best. I hope that all people struggling with concerns regarding their physical appearance will seek professional help from qualified specialists.”

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