Plastic Surgery

Why Do I Have to Have a Plastic Surgery Consultation?

A plastic surgery consultation is the starting point for any procedure, surgical or non-surgical. Why? Because in order to understand what your goals are, you need to meet with the plastic surgeon. You may think you know what procedures you need, but by discussing your expected outcomes with your plastic surgeon, he or she may know of a less invasive procedure, a more cost-effective method, or a more permanent solution that helps you attain your goals.

Your Plastic Surgery Consultation Is an Interview

A plastic surgery consultation not only ensures that you obtain the right procedure to meet your goals, but it also allows you to get to know and build trust in your plastic surgeon. You should be selective about whom you choose to provide this intimate level of professional care. It’s more than just board certification and expertise – you must be able to trust the surgeon so that you can help him or her understand your motivations and vision.

What To Expect at a Plastic Surgery Consultation

A consultation is part interview and part learning experience. You get to meet the staff and the plastic surgeon, you get to ask questions and learn about the different types of procedures available, and you can talk about which procedures might best benefit you in achieving your expected outcome. It’s also an opportunity for us to determine if you are a good candidate for plastic surgery – some people don’t meet the health requirement for invasive surgery, for example, but may be a great candidate for a non-invasive outpatient procedure that can provide similar results. Your consultation will last 1-2 hours; you can also meet with staff to discuss financing options and insurance coverage.

At 22 Plastic Surgery, we have the highly specialized training to restore a naturally youthful look that lasts. If you want to learn more about our services and how it can help to improve your overall appearance, you can request a consultation online or call our office at (801) 937-9650. Our staff are eager to meet you and help you on your aesthetic journey.