Gender-Confirming Top Surgery

Choosing to have surgery for any reason can be a difficult decision, but when it impacts your very identity, it sometimes is less about choice and more about mental health, self-confidence, and truly becoming who you were born to be. Because gender-confirming surgery is such a critical step on the journey to becoming who you desire to be for some people, choosing the right plastic surgeon to work with you as you explore your gender-confirming top surgery options is of utmost importance. You need to find a surgeon who will treat you with respect, who understands that for you, this isn’t about making a change as much as it is about becoming of who you already feel you are, and who will approach the surgery with all of the necessary precautions and care required.

MTF Top Surgery

While hormones will cause some growth in breast tissue, it does not always provide enough growth to achieve the curve or look you desire. Depending on how much breast tissue was created through the hormone therapy, we can either directly augment with implants, or, if needed, we can perform a two-stage augmentation. In the first stage, expanders are placed where the implants will eventually go, and saline will be gradually added to stretch the skin to support the breasts. Once they are fully prepared, the saline will be removed and replaced with permanent implants.

FTM Top Surgery

While testosterone is not required before having a procedure for FTM top surgery, it can help you achieve better results. Testosterone helps to build up the chest muscle, allowing your physician the ability to sculpt the chest more effectively after the breast tissue has been removed. While top surgery is a serious surgery, it is an outpatient surgery. After the surgery, you will need to wear binders for six weeks to help reduce swelling and maintain the contours.

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