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We are trained to the level of mastery and share a passion for making your beautiful dreams a reality.

Dr. Moores hails from a multiple generations-long line of doctors and surgeons. His father, who was a skilled Thoracic Surgeon, instilled in him the desire to help others with his hands and taught him from a young age the deep significance that surgery has. Dr Moores’ mother is a Family Physician and instilled in him the intellectual rigor for accurate and timely diagnosis, as well as the caring needed to shepherd patients through difficult times.

Both Dr. Moores and his brother followed in their parents footsteps and became plastic surgeons. The field of Plastic Surgery is excellent for those who have both the ability to perform fine surgical work and the eye to see the artistic side of the field, and it is precisely this that draws Dr Moores to his work and makes him so adept.

Dr. Moores is passionate about helping others and improving their quality of life. He emphasizes connection with his patients, ensuring they fully understand their options and the details of the procedures they’re considering. Dr. Moores is a compassionate doctor who takes the time to hear and understand your concerns and aesthetic goals. His own goal is to help patients realize the beauty that lies within already. Whether this is a new change or simply a wish to restore one’s body to the shape it used to have, Dr. Moores is dedicated to achieving your goals and standing by you through the process.

After medical school, Dr. Moores completed his surgery residency at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic (#2 hospital in the US, according to U.S. News and World Report). Here he learned the art and ethics of surgery from the best in the world, and he internalized the Cleveland Clinic’s ‘patient first’ ethos.  He subsequently matriculated to the University of Utah for plastic surgery training and fellowship, as this was his chosen final destination and where he planned to settle down and establish his practice.

Dr Moores has performed some of the most complex surgical cases in both Plastic Surgery and Abdominal Wall Surgery. He has performed rigorous and original research on abdominal wall surgery and is knowledgeable beyond any standard in the field. He applies this knowledge daily to patients in need of Abdominoplasty (Tummy-Tuck), and abdominal contouring to restore their abdominal wall shape and anatomy.

He is known for his precise, artful surgical skills and meticulous attention to detail. Dr Moores even worked as a medical illustrator during his training to both utilize and perfect his manual dexterity in preparation for the type of surgery he would later perform. He still utilizes his artistic abilities to bring patient their desired results, and to educate them in clinic with illustrations and videos he creates himself.


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