Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Gone Wrong

One of the unfortunate truths about our industry is that among the board-certified, professional, and caring physicians, there are a few unscrupulous characters who take advantage of a person’s body image concerns and do more harm than good. It’s rare, but it does happen. So what do you do when your breast augmentation has gone wrong? We recommend the following options.

Remove Implants

Working with a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon, one option is to have the breast implants removed. Both Dr. Reuben and Dr. Clayton perform these surgeries, also referred to as en bloc capsulectomy or explant surgery. An entry is made through the original incisions and the implants are removed. If there are any signs of scar tissue buildup around the implant, any hardened tissue will also be removed. Removal can be a first step in getting new implants or a breast lift.

Breast Augmentation Revision

There are a number of reasons why a person would want a breast augmentation revision. Not only have there been advances in the design and materials used in implants that make some people want to change for a newer material, but some people experience leaks or other damage that requires a revision. Revisions may also be necessary for people who had a breast implant that was not properly implanted. Implants can be too high or too low, or too far apart. Implant wrinkles can also be a significant aesthetic problem if the original augmentation was not properly performed. In some cases, the original saline or silicone implant leaks into the breast and must be removed.

Capsular Contracture

The most common problem people experience after a breast augmentation is capsular contracture – the development of scar tissue around the implant that pulls and tightens. It can be painful, make your breast feel hard, and cause discomfort. In the case of a capsular contracture, the surgeon can remove the implant, remove the scar tissue, and create a new pocket for a new implant, or simply remove the implants altogether. You will be able to discuss your options with our surgeons during your consultation.

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