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Give the Gift of a Spa Day This Holiday Season

istock 514965141 1Everyone has someone on their gift-giving list who is just impossible to buy for. You have no idea what to get them, and when you do buy them something they seem less-than-impressed. This year, make it easy on yourself and remove all doubt as to whether they’ll like it or not – how about a spa day at 22 Plastic Surgery and Spa? There is something for everyone!


At 22 Plastic Surgery and Spa, there are many types of facials to choose from. There’s the Signature Treatment, a 3-in-1 facial. An MD Acne Facial can help clear up impurities that can clog the pores and cause acne flare ups. If you are trying to decide what to get for the men on your list, don’t worry – men can get facials, too! Ask about the Mankind Facial, specifically designed for his skin.

IV Infusions

Maybe you and your friends need a little spa pick-me-up, which is where a cocktail IV infusion comes in. A Mind Eraser can help get rid of migraines or a holiday headache. A Skin and Tonic infusion contains biotin and vitamin B complex, to give a whole new, rejuvenated look to skin, nails, and hair. The Bees Knees has NAD+ to make you look and feel younger. Or, a Mai Tai can be made especially for you and your guest, customized as you wish so that you can get what you need most.

Medical Peels

The holidays can make all of us look older than we really are! Treat your friends (and yourself ) to an anti-aging, refreshing medical peel. An Unblemished Peel can improve the texture of the skin, reduce blackheads and inflamed acne, and get rid of oil. For skin that is “lackluster,” a Quench Peel might be the right option to pep things up. A Pigment Peel can help skin that is sun damaged or has age spots or pigmented skin.

Of course, these are only a few of the options to choose from if you decide to treat a friend to a spa day for their holiday gift. Reserve some spa time today by calling 22 Plastic Surgery in Cottonwood Heights or Salt Lake City, Utah, at (801) 937-9650.